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What To Do To A 03 Rubicon 500?

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What can I possibly do to my Rubicon? I have 27-10-12 gators on the front and 27-12-12 on the back! What can I do about my Censors getting wet? What can I do to my fourwheeler to make it a bad killer machine? Dont need to spend a lot a lot of money tho !
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for starts i would get a jet kit, k&n, exhaust, clutch kit, and even a lift kit. i had all of this stuff on my old rubicon and it ripped! if you are interested i have my clutch kit and my custom 1.5 lift for sale off of my rubicon i will sell to you for $75.00. also if you are interested in the other stuff, you might want to give ebay a try for good prices.
That sounds good!

What exactly does a clutch kit do?
i clutch kit delays the clutch by 500 rpm's so when it does ingage you have more of a punch off the start. it really helps with bigger tires.

Ok! Thanks for the help! I wonder how much the shipping fee will be if I buy your lift and clutch kit?
pm sent
PM Sent? What does that mean?
Im From GA.
pm stands for private message, at the top of the page in your control panel it should say you have one new message.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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