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what tires

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hey ppl what kind of mud tires should i get i was thinkin of getting th itp mudlite i ride in trails and mud mixed any advice ....thanks
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I just posted that I like Outlaws for all out muddin. I personally have spent a lot of time on Vampires. They do very well on trails, without a lot of premature wear, and yet do very well in mud. They also don't wear out all that fast. We ride on pavement when we need to and we ride fast. The only thing about a vampire is a that it digs. Great for traction but if your not moving it will dig a hole. I have found that loose gravel is one of the worst mediums for the vampire, be it in the bottom of a creek or on a hillside. As far a ride quality, at low speeds the vampire will vibrate some but at over 10 mph, i dont notice any difference. I have vamps but I am saving for outlaws because mud is where I love to be.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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