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What tires ?

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I have a 2 wheel drive foreman 500. I am thinkin about gettin new tires.
I think I want mud lites. I would like to get 27x10x12 for the rear and 27x9x12 for the front. What do you guys think? Should I go with the 26" or will the 27" fit and not rob too much power?
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27s wont rob too much power, but they will take some, and you get some more ground clearance as well. My 27in Mudbugs on my 500 Foreman fit great!! I like the Mudbugs alot, but thats all ive ever used so I couldnt tell you how they stack up with anything else. But they get the job done
The Lights should be ok in 27" w/o any mods. They do not have too agrressive of a tread to bog you down dramatically.
26 vampire asx's they measure to 27's though and mean as could be
you will be fine w/ 27" mudlites. no rubbing to worry about either. Go for the mudlites
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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