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What tires and a lift kit?

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I am thinking of putting a set of ITP 589's on the foreman or Gear Motor Sports Mud Gear what do ya'll think would be best? Also how about a lift kit for a good price and or quality? Appreciate the help.
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Lift and tires

Welcome to the Honda Foreman website, you'll find a ton of Honda related info here. Depending on the type of terrain your riding on will help you decide on what kind of lift and tires to use. For mud riding you might want to look at Bi/Tri Claws, HL MST's, GBC Gators, the list goes on. The 589's your looking at tend to be on the heavy side when compared to a lot of other tires but are a favorite among a lot of riders. I don't ride a lot of mud, mostly hard trail, rocks, loose dirt and some water crossings so I use the ITP Mudlites in 26x9x12 all the way around and they work great for me. I also use the Perfex Long Travel Kit which gives me about and inch and half of lift and soften's the ride of my Foreman. If your just looking for some more clearance for bigger tires than just about any lift kit will work but I would not go above 2 inches as the front axles will be just about maxed out angle wise. You'll get a lot of advice on this subject, so take your time before you buy. Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice on the tires i've decided to go with the GBC Gators still not sure about lift kit thinking about highlifter 1 1/2 to 2 inch lift.
Honestly i wouldnt recommend a lift kit if you can fit the tires without one which you should i would stay away from them they cause more problems then they are worth
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