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What tire would be best?

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I'm looking at some tire choices in the 28 inch range, for my 07 Foreman 500S

Haven't gotten to the point yet exactly, but I'm doing some modifications this summer. Right now it's bone stock other than 27 inch Mudlites.

I'll be adding: HMF (Penland series, if available?) exhaust, Highlifter 2 inch lift, K&N filter, probably a jet kit, and some skidplates. Can't really think of a lot of other power adders... But I'll also have to install the Heavy Duty clutch kit and the recoil starter seal thingy.

Now, my question is, with all of these additions, what is the best 28 inch tire out there for my type of riding? Little bit of trails, but mostly playing in mud holes... sometimes black gumbo mud but a lot of just deep water stuff. Also, will I still need to get the fender bracket kit for my Foreman even with the lift. I like riding in some deep water, but I don't ride deep enough to need a snorkel.

One more question, what is the likelyhood of breaking an axle with the 28 inch tires and 2 inch lift? Should I plan on getting some gorrilla axles? Do they even make them for the 500?

Thanks in advance... and anything I may have missed that you think of, please tell me.
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u wont need a lift unless u realy want one cuz robb has a foreman 500 with 29.5 outlaws.. just take a heat gun to the fenders lol.. thats wat he did which we had a lift on a rubicon and we hated ever min.
Well I like to keep a clean look to my bikes, and I prefer not to alter the plastic at all. I like the Lift Kit because, even though I won't get much out back, up front I could use the extra clearance. It also makes the bike look a bit better. I REALLY don't want to cut my fenders or anything. I wish it was affordable to make it IRS... and easy.

I'm leaning towards the Outlaws, because you can't get 12 inch wide EDLs, and I like having a big fat tire on the back.
you can get the penland pipe, talk to matthew at it'll take em a lil while longer to get it because it is a special order pipe, go ahead and get their high performance kit
if you ride a little bit of trail a mudzilla would be good for you. they have a strong compound and last forever.
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