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what the *&%$

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ok heres the deal. Finally got my new venom 3500 winch wired up and working. I went riding and used it once. Everything worked fine. Then about an hour later while riding my bike just died. no electricity or anything. So i checked the battery with the onboard tool kit, and it didn't have any spark. So we disconnected the winch cables from the battery, and moved the bike around the other way so my buddies raptor 700 could tow me back, hahahaha, I turned the key back on and it had enough juice to turn the nuetral light on. So I pull started it and it fired right up. Any ideas what happened. I'm about to take my winch off and throw it into the river.
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might be a short in the winch motor if everything worked after you disconnected it.

I would check battery with voltmeter with winch unhooked and then with the winch hooked up. You should know right away if there is a draw.
Yeah I know there is a draw. I hooked it back up while it was running and the digital display kinda freaked out on me. Also when I went to hook it up, I hooked it up on the other side of the solenoid on the battery. And it didn't have enough to turn the winch. It just clicked. So I hooked it to the battery directly and the bike started up fine, and everything worked. And now this.
I can't see it being a short in the winch motor if you're not activating your switch to operate the winch. It must be something between the battery and the switch, possibly in your relay.

Haul off your negitive winch connection to the battery and use your meter to see if there is any amperage flowing between the connection and the negitive battery terminal. It should be zero. Eric mentioned above to check the voltage, that will work too but checking the amperage will be a little more precise.
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