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what size?

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o.k. I've figured out that i want to get swamplites but i don't know about the size, at first I wanted 27's but know I'm think'n about 28's or 29.5's. What point would my stock 500 have problems turning them. I do plan on adding a pipe and jet kit and some over stuff in the future. any help would be great.
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My brother has 28in. outlaws on his foreman s & he has no problem turning them. Other than the HL lift kit & springs it's all stock.
well if any that has the 29.5 would let me know how the fit that would be great!!
Hi, my buddy has an 04 rubicon exactly like mine with 29.5 swamp lites and the machine has no problem at all turning them in high or low and drive or es. All he had to do was put a highlifter 2" lift and a little bit of fender trimming to make em work. Thats it, No springs or nething else. Other than the lift its all stock as far as suspension and motor performance goes. They are actually very light compared to others and still handles well on the trail. He has them mounted on 12" ITP aluminum wheels just incase you were wondering.
He also had to bend the inner fender brace on the front on each side so they wouldn't hit when he turned. I'm not sure what models or sizes have and dont have the fender braces.

I read all this stuff about "stock" machines turning 29.5's and I just wonder..........."what is wrong with mine." When running in water with a little mud then there is no problem running 29.5's or even 32's for that matter but what about the thick nasty stuff? In my personal experience 27's are max when it comes to thick, peanut butter mud. After installing a clutch kit I could turn 28's in thick mud fairly well. We are expecting a lot out of a little 476, but they do deliver with a few mods. My whole point to this topic is that a stock machine will not turn 29.5's in peanut butter. Good luck
look in my personal gallery at the yellow stock rubicon my buddy has with bash plates, hl lift, 12" itp wheels, 29.5 swamplites, snorkeled. as far as horsepower everything is stock and i have rode this 4wheeler personally and have seen it in action in mud many different times. it has absolutely no problem turning these tires. they are light for 29.5's so therefore they dont take as much power to turn them. all we do is creek ride and mud ride and maybe the reason your foreman's dont turn bigger tires better in the mud is because they don't have a high / low transfer case. my buddy's rubicon with 29.5's is fine in high side(manual or automatic) as far as power is concerned but we mud ride in low side. regardless what size tires is on the rubicon you should definitely mud ride in low side, because high side(drive) puts too much of a strain on the tranny when in gripping situations especially if you don't have a hd clutch kit. in my personal opinion you should know depending on your riding conditions if you can turn 29.5's on your stock foreman or not. i think you will be aight especially if you plan on getting a pipe and jet kit. if you plan on riding in peanut butter mud, you need to be looking for a different tire than the swamplite like the outlaw, mudzillas, super swamper asx, vampire, e.d.l. or mud bug even.
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I have seen bikes with stock tires in some thick mud have trouble turning them. That thick "peanut butter" as you say is no good but for breaking something.
yeah well i try to stay out of the peanut butter and i need the GC so i down to a 30" mudlite or the 29.5 swamplite and sents the swamplites have a taller tread and i can get them cheaper i'm going with them i just wanted to know if i'd be able to get around in stock form with the 29.5 and my be some water and lite mud in frist gear till i get my exhaust and jet kit and all the other crap i have in mind for it. O well if i tear it up it give me a reason to get a thunder cat.
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