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what size

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I am buying new wheels and tires. I think I am going with 27's Should I stagger the width or get the same all around? What do you guys think of AMS SWAMP FOX tires?
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Dont know much about the swamp foxs but i would go a 10 inch in the front and a 12 in the rear
i agree 10's and 12's, my friend has 27 inch swamp fox plus's on a bf750 and they do great, but if you want real grip get bi/tri's or laws
i just put bi/tri's on mine and they do great. still have had to get pulled out of any holes.
I have 9's on front and 12's on back. Work PERFECT!
i went from 28x10.5 and 28x12.5 outlaws to 28x10 mudzillas on all 4 does great and you would think i put a bigger motor in it tons of power back. you are going with good sizes 10and12 f&r.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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