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What size tire?

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Whats the biggest tire I could put on 07 foreman with highlifter lift and highlifter springs???? Everytime I talk to someone they say something different.
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I'd say 27's should'nt have any problems.
what kind of tire are u wanting to get? that will have a lot to do with it

its not only the size of the tire, but also the weight... and how well u will be able to spin them in the mud
Either outlaws or mudzillas. I havnt decided yet.
mudzillas will not be able to compare to outlaws.
get the laws!
you will be able to spin 27"s no problem. or you can do like i did and get 28"s. im about to install a clutch kit
Your laws on the back dont rub
i have a 2" lift, and they rubbed the finder a bit, so i trimmed it.
i recomend the 28" laws, if your big into mud riding, they are the lightest tire on the market, mine do great
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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