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what size jet to run with HMF uility muffler

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what size jet should I run with a HMF uility muffler, 165 or 170, I live in middle TN
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I think on an 04 rubicon it is actually a 155 with pipe and filter
I dont know but I am fixin to find out soon. I just got a new HMF myself
Ive got the HMF on my rubicon but I took mine to the shop and let them jet it so I am not sure what it has. The HMF is LOUD though but I like it that way, and you can feel a power difference.
go up 5 from whatever the stock jet is in it now
Just got mine put back together the other day, now I need to go out and give it a try, then decide whether or not to put the quiet core in there, I think the HMF atv pipe, compares nicely to the flow master 40 series muffler on my truck, for rumble, sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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