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What Size Hose???

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ok im going to finally extend my hoses from carburator to light. Cause this new years ride i went on my wheeler died twice and i was just under water up to the bottom of my seat. I need to know what size and type of hose and is it the inside of the hose that needs to be the same or what? anyone who can help i would appreciate it...
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cut off a small piece and bring it to the auto parts store and match it up, i think i used windshield washing fluid tubing.
I used 5/16" vacuum hose. Splice with barbed plastic inline connectors.
make sure to plug the drain tube on the bottom of the carb too. you can tee both of the vent lines in one and run to the handlebars. i ran a loop in the hose at the end to help keep any water from going in.
oh yeah, also turn up your idle a little. when you are deep it helps especially when your pipe is underwater.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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