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What size fit stock rims?

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I decieded to cheap out and get new tire to go on my stock rims. What size and possibly brands would fit my stock 2000 450es rims without any rubbing. I would just like a more aggressive, slower wearing tire that my bike can turn without much change in power. I guess I should say, get me through some mud without too much change!
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I put 27" Swamplights on mine, before I put the ehaust and filter and all of those little extras. I did put a 2" lift on but the tires fit fine without the lift. I am not saying swamp lights are the best, but I had no power loss at all with the swamp lights, or at least none that I could notice.
I have 27' mud lites xl on stock rims no rub but some power loss does good thow
I ran 27" gators stock with no probs. didn't notice much power loss just top end.
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