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What should my next tire be?

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I currently have 26" Mudlites...I want a more agressive tire for the mud..

Big horns, Mud Biathches, laws, zillas..too many choices?

Do not mind spending the extra cheese on a tire that will last longer than the current ones have. (4 mo.)
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Big Horns and mud go together
Zillas and Bitches are pretty much the same thing but Bitches are insane and have a 2"deep lug! i'd deff go with the bitches..
whats your riding style?
the bitchs are cheaper... but i think they ware fast... bighorns smooth..laws and mud best of friends..
I am a mud man. I love to ride anywhere there is water and mud. Not much for rocks and climbing.
get outlawws or zillas or mud bitchs.. if u want a cheap zilla
One more question...

I already have a 2" lift...If I pu the highllifter springs on it, will it be too much bend for the driveshaft? Or be too much of an angle for it?
i could not tell u... lol big_daddy_bigfoot has the lift springs and a lift
i have heard that the lift springs with a lift kit is too much angle. people do it, but i wouldnt recomend doing it but its up to you.
I dont have a lift I have the perfex soft ride kit. I don't have the springs on yet but will when it warms back up.
sorry bout that big daddy i thougt u had a high lifter..
I have the spring,lift and Laws and I have not had any problems. It is all in how you ride. If you act like an a$$ you will break stuff. With the Laws you have to know when your stuck to just stop or you will snap an axle if they hook up.
Thx for your input...Laws will prob be my next selection...First need a clutch it to help with the increased tire size....
btiches are awesome
lol mustsaythe post made me laufgh a little how are they wearing ive herd they dont last long have you ran them on much road or only mud and trail
ya i heard the same. thing.. my friend has them on a foreman 2. and im not realy impressed.. because im goin everwhere he is going....
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