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what should i do

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ok check it out i got enough money saved up for the clutch kit hmf pipe jet kit and filter now do you think it will be enough for 29.5's ooohh it just feels good saying that or will the tires still be to big for just a two inch lift and will they rub cause i am seriously thinking about doing the gorrila lift it will be released in 6 weeks
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Well, we saw a guy this weekend...he had a 500 Foreman with 29.5s on it. He didnt have the lift in the back, jus the front. I know he had the hmf and snorkel, so I assume it was jetted. dont know if he had a clutch, but he was doing **** good with those tires!
But all he had was the 2in lift in the front. The back tires rubbed the fender/foot rest, so he just trimmed it. If it had a lift in the back it would rub that area even more. But you dont need a big lift for those tires to fit.
well that solves it then i shall order tonight or tomorrow it's like christmas in aug. weeeeeee
also hey robb did it have 10 or 12's in the rear cause i was thinking about runnin 10 all the way around. also this means i'am gonna be sellin some 27x10x12 27x12x12 executioners real soon with about 95% tread....hint...hint anybody
If I was going to go 29.5's I would do 10's all around...the big 12 might be a little much for the bike..IMO
yeah this guy had 10s all around.
You definately need to run those, then post pictures as soon as they are mounted, I want to see what those would look like on mine.
oh i will man i am excited
well when i order the 29.5's i am gonna get the 12 rear tire i think the rubi can handle it with no prob
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