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What oils to use?

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I just wanted to know what oils to use for diff and engine? What works better, should i use the honda oils? I dont know im confused on what to use, help me out
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I use the Honda GN4 10w-40 oil in my engine and the Honda Shaft Drive Hypoid gear Oil, 80w90 in the front and rear diffs. I like using the Honda oils also because IF Honda has any questions on what oil I was using I can tell them I used what THERE manual told me to use.
How much does each diff hold? I notice there hyoid gear oil only comes in bottles of 8 oz, and need to know how many to get, thanks i have a an 2004 Foreman S
I have the 05 Foreman 500 and my manual says 2.5 onces in the rear and 6.3 onces in the front diff for a regular oil change. So I would say get 2 bottles and that should be enough. Some of the other members should know for sure.
2 bottles is plenty. I think I use 1 1/2 bottles for my 04 450. I only use the honda gn4 10/40 motor oil and the honda hypoid gear oil just like bexxter said.
one bottle of gear oil is plenty. i use yamalube 20w-40 in mine because i like a little heavier weight oil for my motors. just make sure it is designed for atv or motorcycle engines.
For the engine oil, i've been usin' Valvoline ATV oil. It is just a tad more
expensive than Honda oil, but i don't want to drive clear across town to
get some atv oil when Autozone is half a mile from my house, if that far.
The Valvoline seems to work great. I actually save money if you figure in
all the gas it would take to get to the Honda shop & back home.
I am with you on that! It takes me 45 minutes to go to my Honda shop. But I usually stock up on oil and filters when I do go so I dont have to make any extra trips.
I get my oilfilters from Turners in Humble, Tx. They are about $2.50 a piece.
I usually get a few of them. The brand is Hi-Flo. They are pretty good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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