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What oil to use on air foam filter

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What if I don't have the Honda Foam Air filter oil like it says to use in the owners manual?Can I use motor oil?
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when nothing else is around use 90 weight gear oil and apply it lightly then wring it out and all through the filter.You could also get some air filter oil from a lawn mower shop as most commercial briggs and Kohler motors use oiled foam pre-cleaners and their filter oil is made by Bel-Ray.
any foam filter oil will do. Any motorcycle shop will have it in abundance! I personally like No-toil brand oil and cleaner, seems to be the easiest I ever used on motocross bikes which are cleaned about once or twice a week.
I also use No-Toil on my UNI filter, I bought it at the local honda shop for around 10 bucks
i recently purchased some of the new honda brand bio degradable air filter oil and in little tiny letters on the bottle it said NO TOIL. pretty obvious who makes the oil for honda.
I found some AMSOIL high tack oil and the cleaner for foam filters.$11.70 for both the cleaner and oil! I thought that was a good deal.The oil is an aerosol,thought that was neat.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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