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What oil do you use

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I am going to change my oil again. Long story short, stick in fan and hot bike. I was just wondering what oil everyone uses in thier Foreman. I have been using Honda GN4, but was if there is anything better for the bike.
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I always stick to the Honda stuff.
Honda oil is usually what we use, but if you have to change it
on a Sunday or Monday which most Honda dealerships are closed,
be sure & use one that is not energy conservative. Like last time i
changed mine, it was on a Saturday evening when i sank it. I got
about 10 quarts of el-cheapo motor oil to flush it out, then put some
Valvoline atv oil in. I couldn't get Honda oil because it was too late.
They were already closed.
Honda oil (GN4). But I have used the Valvolie ATV oil in a pinch before and it worked fine. But they are pretty much the same price so I stick w/ Honda oil.
I hear good thing about the rotella synthetic 5w-30...That walmart sells...Its in the blue bottle...And it is not the diesel oil..
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