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what locker to buy

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I was looking to buy a locker. A high lifter spool locker for 40 bucks or detroit for 300 buck
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i had had the same question $40 or $300 , the spool locks your front wheels all the time for harder turning in 2 wheel drive, the DGL unlocks in 2 wheel drive giving you easier turning. i went with the DGL. if you want to see the difference just drive around in 4 wheel drive for an hour and see how much your arms hurt. then buy the DGL
If you can afford the DGL buy it. There is no question about which is better; one of the best mods you can put on the Honda.
DGL is the way to go. It is a little tougher to steer, but it is not a big deal like some people lead to believe. If you go for the spool good luck trying to turn.
dgl easy to steer only herd good htings about it

spool ive herd mixed oppinions on it ive talked to a few people some big guys some small gals some of the big guys said it was hard to turn where as i herd from one girl that it wasnt hard at all ive herd that you can lock up the front end by puttin in another washer and it will act just like the spool but only run you about 3$
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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