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what kinda Fluids to use

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i just bought a used 2006 foreman 500s...has 300 miles on it, this will be the first fluid change all around from me so ima do everything at this time...not sure what kinda engine oil most of yall run and what kinda diff oil and whatnot....thanks for the help

also if it matters the bike is jetted/n&n filter/hmf exhaust, 2" lift kit with 27" vamps, incase that helps with anything

thanks in advanced
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its gn4 from honda for the engine oil. and it honda does not make a diff fluild so u have to use yamhaha diff fluid. its like a 80w or somthin like that. ur local shop will have it all.
Amsoil 0W-40 ATV Oil and Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-90 for the diff's.
It's nice to only have to use one brand of oil
i use amsoil 10w-40 synthetic in the engine and i use 75w-140 synthetic in my diffs.
YES amsoil 0w40 for the engine makes it shift awsome and Honda does make a 80w90 gear oil part # CA66928 and i use that .
where can i get the amsoil brand from? we have walmart, autozone, orielly auto, advanced auto...those are the only auto parts places in my town other than the honda shop or yamaha shop
i get mine from napa....
honda does make 80w 90 gear oil for the diffs, if you cant get it at a honda bike shop try going to the nearest honda car dealership. its called hypoid gear oil, thats what i just put into mine too
alrite next question...anyone have any idea how much oil goes into the engine and how much into the diffs...i bought this bike used and havent gotten a manual for it yet
rear diff 2.5oz, front 6.3 oz, and engine oil 2.5 quarts
next complete retarded question, i lost my glasses and cant find the oil filter, wont be till tuesday till i can get another pair of glasses...anyone point a brother to where it is or take a picture of it
if u look by ur rear brake pedal there s black cover take it off and there is 3 8mm bolts take them out
welp i found it, needless to say i didnt expect it to launch oil out into my lap, i just started taking this off until i hit it, got the oil in the engine and oil in the diffs...sounds like its running better though
good to here..
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