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What kind of tires?

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I have a honda foreman 500 and its only 2 wheel drive but i ride 60 percent trail and 40 percent mud what kind of rims and tires should i do.If possible send website and pics thanks alot!
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Id put 26'' ITP mudlites all the way around it.
being two wheel drive, go ahead and put 27's on it

I have really enjoyed my swamp foxes. They are wearing great they do good on trails and in the mud. Plus I put alot of pavement miles on mine running around on my farm as I ride my rubicon to the farm alot and leave my truck at home. Mudlights just dont impress me at all they seem to wear out really fast and they dont do much for me on the trail or in the mud but thats just my opinion. Also 26" and taller have deeper lugs so I would atleast get 26's if you decide to go with the foxes. Heres a link to a pic of a 25" swamp fox with the smaller lugs, the 26 and up will have deeper tread depth than the ones in the pic.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... AMPFOX.jpg</a>
If you are going to put wheels and tires I would say look into ITP SS Alloy wheels they have a lifetime warranty against bending, denting, or breaking, and they look nice. I wish Motosport Alloy would put a warranty like that on there new wheels because I would sell my SS Alloys in a hurry to get a set of those.

Tires look at a mudlite, or a mudlite XTR or the mudbugs. Also Swamplites are nice as well.
No matter what you go with, check out for prices, they are usually the best price around.
I like the ACT/XLR's from Carslile.
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