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What kind of heated hand grips do you use?

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I would like a new set of heated hand grips. What would be your suggestions
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Check out Sportsmans Guide, I am running the set that is 29.99 and they work great. They are oversized grips, larger diameter than standard grips. I have forgotten the brand, maybe "weekend warrior". If you do get a pair of these when in use they will take a little longer to heat up because it's a larger grip than most. All the wires in this kit have male/female connectors so the only wires you have to truly deal with is your hot and ground, all the others have the connectors on them and you can't hook them up wrong. Here's a little tip on what I do, I use the old hairspray trick to hold my grips on and it works well, now when summertime rolls around I can turn the grips on high leave the quad in the sun for a little while, at this point I can very cautously break the grips loose, unhook all connections inside my gauge pod (why I like the connectors) put some tape on the connectors to keep dust out and put them up until next winter. I use foam grips in the summer.
Rocky Mountain ATV sells a set for $21.99 and you can use any grip you like... Part# 1146130001.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... lyId=14160</a>
symtecs only heated grip to buy
or moose if you want to pay for the name, same product
i have moose and they are not cheap...but you get what you pay for

5 heat ranges they work when your out in the cold and everyone is hanging on to your grips you know you got what you needed
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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