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what jets??????

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ok im helping a friend install his snorkit snorkel, hmf, k&n w/prefilter, and dyno jet kit. i was wondering what jets yall are useing so i could try and knock a little trial and error out the way....... im a sea level in virginia.... any help would be great.....oh its an 06 foreman......
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Try running a 170 oem jet. The stock should be a 162. I am in tn. and run a 165, I have the same setup but no snorkel. With the snorkel your pulling in more volume of air quicker than my stock snorkel.
Im at sea level with those mods, and the 170DynoJet works good for me.
thanks fellas ill start with the 170...... sounds like a winner
ok im in texas so what should i run in the 450s 4x4
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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