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What is up with ITP wheels??? Fronts stick out 2" more

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Why does ITP do that with their wheels?

I bought a 26" ITP big wheel kit from the dealer this summer, with Mudlite tires, and when installed on the bike, the front wheels stick out about 2" more than the rear. And that's on each site...

It just looked funny, so I called highlifter to get some spacers, but all they had in stock were 1", so i bought them, and it looks better, but still not right!!

I looked through the gallery and saw that other people have ITP wheels and the front and rear track the same....

Did i get a bad set of wheels or something?


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never had that problem, I run 1" spacers on the front of mine the even them out. Are you sure you didn't receive rims for a IRS bike? Check the back spacing on your rims. The front should be a 2" on 5" and the rear should be 5" on 2". The second # is your back spacing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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