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What is this I keep hearing?

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Does any of the other Rubicon riders ever notice a vibration/rattle while riding their bikes in the mid range rpm? If I am in D1 and ride level at 30 - 33 kph I notice a rattle type sound. I have checked all exhaust bolts, brackets, heat shields and have adjusted the valves. What could it be? It sounds like it's coming from the engine. Maybe it's just the Honda sound and I will have to live with it. The bike is actually so quiet that I think I am hearing the normal sounds of the engine. Any thoughts?

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Maybe it's just the normal sound of the tranny, I know it took a little getting used to when I first rode mine.
Mine was the suspension actually gettin broke in.
I can almost quarantee it's the engine/transmission. It will only do it in that rpm while under little load. If I were accelerating up a hill, or pulling a trailer with a decent weight, no sound. Chug along at 30 - 33 kph, rattle, rattle, click, click............seems strange to me, but lots have it.
I had a pritty high pitch rattle in mine and with lots of lookin i found a exhaust heat sheild clamp was a little looose! it would only rattle at a mid rpm range. hope this helps!
Is it possible the valves need adjustment?
I have a 05 Ruby and I have noticed the same Rattle. Its more annoying then anything. It does not sound like internals or a major problem. SOunds more like a loose shield or clamp, etc. I will find what it is soon.
I have this too on my '05 I have heard of it from others too. I am sure it is the nature of the beast and am pretty sure it comes from the tranny. Like was mentioned above, it occurs at speed under little or no load. I dont think you should worry about it.
my 06 foreman does the same thing it sounds like it is coming from somewhere right below the headlight pod but it sounds like the normal sound of the engine so its not just the Rubicon that does it i guess
My rubicon rattles to I think its something about the transmission another guy that I rides with has a rubicon and his rattles just like mine..
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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