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what is the most common thing to break

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I thaught i would start a new topic what do you think is the most common thing to break "for new guys to watch for" THANK YOU
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Rear U-Joint.
Seen quite a few post between hear and couple other sites about problems with the angle sensor on the ES models. I am having this problem right now or atleast I hope that is all it is I have one on the way and will replace it and hope that fixes things.
rear ujoint and the rubber seal around where the front drive shaft comes out of the motor are the biggest problems with these bikes in my opinion.....The es bikes with angle sensor you need to just put some dielectrec grease in your angle scensor (Before you get water into it and fry it) and there is no problems......Burnt one up myself but when replaced it greased it up and have had no problems with it since
Angle sensor

Where exactly is the angle sensor I need to grease it up....
hey rtt1868 are you going to the halloween rumble at texas hogwallow this weekend? i noticed u went to the labor day ride and said it was okay, i havent gotten to ride since i put the clutch kit in my bike cept on the beach and 2 or 3 quick passes through a mud hole to see how it worked and see if my bike leaked after i broke 2 bolts and Jerry rigged the front cover back on without those bolts

me and my cousin plan to go and my girlfriend didnt wanna ask to use her grandfathers 4wheeler so she has to ride biitch with me:( i hate that you bog down way quicker and have a nagging girl in ur ear the entire day

oh and i think ive heard that the angle sensor is on the lower left hand side of the motor
I just broke my output shaft. When I took it apart, the U-Joint actually looked stronger than the shaft.
oh yea i break bolts, anywheres on the bike that they are i am able to break them...i have broken the 3 bolts that hold the rear differential skid plate on, then broke 2 bolts that hold the front case(clutch cover) on
are you useing air tools or breaking them by hand??? And the angle sensor is on the front of the motor
I'm going ride somewhere this weekend for sure Last time I went to Hogwallow it was 105 degrees so that killed the trip a little but had fun at night. I'll talk to a couple of buds tonight and see whats up.....
since monday over here in lake charles it has been nice, sunny outside but not hot, at night getting down to 50s and in the day getting up to upper 70s and low 80s

rite now weather is showing saturday to be high of 77 and low of 48...shouldnt be bad at all, with a good 5-10mph breeze it will be chili probably...i was just wondering if u were going, this will be my first time going to anything like this so im a bit scared of what all goes on...i am use to riding with like 2 or 3 other people and even then i feel sometimes out of place cuz not everyone in the group wants to ride all mud or all water or all trails

if u are going let me know and ill give u my cell phone # and we can meet up possibly
i have a raddle noise in the back half of my bike olny when i go slow, does any one have any ideas ?
Nothing but the black clips that hold the plastic on.
QUOTE ("big_daddy_bigfoot":s2q2k6ax)
Nothing but the black clips that hold the plastic on.
surprisingly i lost my 1st rivit last weekend...might have to start riding harder
th noise is down buy the drive line (maby u-joint ? )
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