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What is she worth?

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2005 Foreman ES with 50 miles and not a scratch on it -- 20 miles on the new engine? BTW, engine replacement was due to a freak oil pump problem, not through any fault of mine.

If it isn't ridden much, do you think it would be worth any less in, say, July or August?
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A lot of shops go by the book value ,which it would be classed as low mileage ..

You maybe able to get more out of it private sale advertised with only 50 miles on it ..
well i bought my 05 S with 150 miles on it for $4900 with a lift kit, about a month ago. the guy had all the receipts and everything, he bought it 3 months ago and just needed to pay it off. it ended up he lost $2500 in everything.
That sound like me sellin' stuff. I always lose. Always.
me and your both RR i could have something give to me and still lose money
oh believe me ive had my fair share of loosing, so it felt to take advantage i bought a brand new z400 and sold it like 2 months later in mint condition and took a $1200 hit. then a raptor, the same thing. then a banshee....
QUOTE ("muddin500":14o80gdf)
me and your both RR i could have something give to me and still lose money
Couldn't have said it better meself.
If you really want to get rid of it, I'll give you 50 bucks

Really, you could probably do pretty good on a private sell. I doubt a dealer will come close to matching a private deal.
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