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What is it?

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Ok when putting the motor back together and everything I saw this misc. wire that had fallen off when bringing it home and spent several minutes trying to figure out where it went. Well I found out where it went and put it back on before I bolted the motor on seeing how I couldnt get to it when it was bolted in because its on the bottom of the motor.

I cant figure out what this thing does/is, someone told me its probably the temp sensor. To get a idea of where it is located. If you were sitting down directly behind my Foreman looking at the Leak Shield you would look in-between the bottom of that + the top of the skid plate and its deep back in there inbetween the two. It is a bronze looking nut with a little nipple on the tip of it. The 4 wheeler runs fine without it and thats why im really trying to find out what it is.

It came off yesterday during out ride at Holipaw and I need to put it back on. Which I need to drop the skid plate to do so. Hope my crappy directions could give a good enough description.
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yes that is your temp sensor, the wire going to it should be blue. U can take some die-electrical grease and put the the little rubber boot and it will help it stay on.
thats what controls the fan right?

the little brown stud broke off mine and the fan wouldnt kick in anymore so i just wired a fan switch
yes when the oil reaches a certain temperture the sensor grounds out and activates the fan. The last temp. sensor I bought was like $37. from honda.
Ok awesome thanks for the info. Yeah I picked some plastic crap out of the rubber boot (which im assuming made it stay on the sensor) So now I should go buy a new sensor?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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