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What is it worth?

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I have a 98 Foreman 450ES. It's green and it has like 1300 or 1400 miles on it. I need to get rid of it and I was wondering what it is worth? I would like to get 3500 out of it. It has a good set of 27" ITP 589's on it. It runs great, I just never have time to ride it unless Im hunting. If yall don't care let me know what it's worth. I think I may have some pics in my personal gallery.
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I have a 2004 just like that one, and I have to say yours looks better than mine!! I would say no less than $3250.00. Heck if you lived closer, and if my wife wouldn't kill me, and if I had the extra cash I would pick it up! Good luck
I bought my 2000 foreman 450es back in Feb. I paid $2200 from a local dealer. It came with stock rims and 26 inch vamps.
i bought my 02 foreman with 526 miles garage kept stock for $3000 last year hope it helps.
we stole our 2002 450 ES for $3000 canadian with like 2700kms on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
honda fairing, fender protectors, rear seat, winch, and moose plow all inc.
i paid 3400 for my 2000 450 es 3 months had 1400 miles on it...(very clean)w/26 mudlites on itp steel rims.
Thanks guys, that helps me out on my price.
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