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What is it worth?

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I have come across a guy that has a 2005 Honda Foreman S yellow in color. It has 1100miles i think on it and is in good condition except one of the taillights is busted out. I think he may have aftermarket tires but they are stock size i believe. He said he would take $4300 for it. Does this sound a little high?
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To me, that sounds in the ballpark. I would try to talk him down some and if need be, pay that amount with him replacing the taillamp thats broke. That is also assuming its a 4x4 and not 2wd! I just sold my 06 ES 4x4 for $5200 to a friend with alot of aftermarket add ons.
I was really wanting to go with a rubicon or rincon because i've been riding my fiances fathers grizzly all the time and i have really got use to an automatic, plus i use to own a polaris. I'm in the process of selling my 400ex so i can get a 4x4. What is your guys opion (can't spell) is it really worth the extra money for the rubicon or not?
It you don't want to shift, then yes.
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