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What is allowed under 6 month waranty

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I just bought an 06 honda foreman 500 S, back in december. Can i add any modifications while it is under the factory waranty? i want to get 27" swamp lites and add a jet kit with a new exhaust and a K&N filet. And in the future put on a clutch kit and a snorkel.

Just asking if anyone knows.
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The factory warranty will cover parts that have been deemed bad via Honda. This can be due to bad parts and/or workman ship. It doesn't cover the installation of accessories, unless you can get your local shop to do work for free.
I talk to the dealership and the waranty only covers if it is proven to be the manufactures falt then they will replace it.
If you put large tires on your bike and 1 of the clutches fail .. Or you put a K&N filter on and the motor starts smoking you may have trouble getting warranty on the bike ...
I asked my dealership and they said that the pipe,K&N,and jet kit would not void it but ask the one near you but dont tell them who you are
just save all the stock stuff and if something breaks, interchange it. Just dont do anything irreversible like drilling a hole for a snorkel
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