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What is a good Price for the 2005 Foreman 500 ES

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I tested the Rincon, Great machine. Dosen't fit my application. I have heard the Rubicon has had problems with the transmisson.

I am leaning towards the 500 ES machine. Some friends have the foreman 450's and love them.

Just trying to get a feel on price for the 2005 foreman 500 ES. :

Sold a 1988 Honda 300 4X4. This machine never had anything done to it other than tires and battery. Looking for it's replacement. :

Sorry, put this in the wrong location of the forum. New guy.
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Depends on where you are... (TN) and (MS) are the cheapest, probably in the country. Expect around $5500 OTD from them. Otherwise most places sell OTD for the MSRP or close to it.

Thanks for the feedback. I live just outside of Greenville,SC. I call Southern Honda in TN. and I can pick one up OTD for $5600.00.

Thanks again,
Well i havent heard any problems with the tranny;s
Rubicon are def awesome i would pick one over the foreman
Close the deal and a great experience.

I picked up the 2005 Foreman ES with a 3000 lb WARN installed, 15 qts of oil and 3 filters for $6200.00 OTD. Southern Honda service was outstanding I ordered the machine on Tuesday and picked it up on Saturday. Less than an hour I was loaded and on my way back home with my new ride. I highly recomend this dealer.

Again, thanks for the feedback.'ve got a private message.

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