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what is a good hand grip?

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the shock grips they hurt the hands after a bit can anyone tell me a better grip?
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im had scott they were not to bad. better than stock.. pro grip im heard is spossed to b good
try gel grips
ya gel grips whould b good. if or got bout them
my stock grips are twisted...but i wear gloves most of the time so it's not bad...

what are gel grips? is it like shoe inserts? you gellin? haha

how are they?
I'm goin to look into gel grips, bass pro shops and cabelas have them I think. Something like $15-25 for the set. Is this a super easy mod??
I have had HL gel grips and now I have Spider gel grips. I think the HL grips are more comfortable but definetely not as durable. I have had the Spider gel grips on for about seven months now and they still seem brand new. If you don't mind spending the $20. about every six months than I would go with the HL.

I am pretty sure I purchesed the Spider (Spyder? can't remember how they spell it) grips from Ebay.
I have the HL Gel Grips, and have had them since Xmas 2 years ago, and they are still in good shape (and that is with alot of riding and no gloves)!! You just don't want to leave the bike sitting out in the sun, it seems to mess with the gel!
Got mine at Bass Pro Shops.
i just wear gloves to so im not worried bout it...
i decided to go with "ProGrip"(about $15) very pleased with the comfort over the stock grips, although i have heard that the gel grips are quite comfy also...anything other than stock is an upgrade!...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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