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What fuel to use (octane)

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Just curious as to everyones opinion on what grade fuel (octane) to use. The guy I bought it from says he had been using premium (93) that the dealer said he could just use regular (89) but he has always run premium in his quads but couldn't really give a reason why. I see one prior post about this several months ago with mixed response, just thought I would throw it out there again. Mine is a 2007 Honda Foreman ES.[/i]
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I use the cheap stuff,good 'ol 87 octane.
i also run 87, i should proubly be running 93 though since i race. if you dont do any racing or anything then i would just save some money and run 87.
what about if your bike is bike is gonna be done being bored this weekend sometime, i cant bore it anymore after this one, would it be better to run 93 octain on something like that? i dont race at all but i ride very hard and dont let up for much
we use 87 in all our bikes except the 450 that has a big bore kit i run 93 in it
it seems alot of people with bored bikes run 93 octane. i have even saw where people ran 110, but you dont want to go too high because it will cause motor trouble.
I'm not a mechanic but I think it has something to do with the compression ratio. Foremans have a fairly low compression ratio's so you are not getting the benefit from the higher octane and I have heard that it could even make you run worse. If your motor has a high compression ratio then you need higher octane. The manual recomends 87 octane.
cool, ima have to ask the guy working on my bike the compression of the new giant size piston he is putting into my bike is, so ill know whether to run 87 or 89 or 93 or whatever the numbers are...i figure since it is being bored to where it cant be bored again it should probably take 93
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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