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WHat does this mean??? Lean Or rich?

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Ok guys I was riding one of my buddies AC's the other night and we were runnin about 55 witch is all my 500 gots in it! When its topped out in 5th gear it has about a 4-6" long blue flame coming out the pipe??? That would mean its rich right???
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lean is not enough gas and rich is too much gas, the bike is proubly too rich. i would take the air box cover off and see if it gets any better.
If my 11yr old reads this he will want to make his shoot out flames.
hey i'm 21 and i want mine to do that. haha. i just dont want the adverse effects lol. sounds to me like its runnen rich thow, your valve alighn ment is good right? my .02

I did just add a air filter and a iridium spark plug and I havent checked since then! I havent even thought about rejeting it yet!
I would do a throttle chope test with a new plug that will tell you how you are running. I could have swore that I read on here that if you backfire through the exhuast that you r running to lean. That is what that sounds like to me. My motorcycle used to do that from time to time until I found that I was runnin lean and made the mixture a little more rich. My 2 cents.
what we need is a flame thrower kit to keep people off ours asses when riding, it would be pretty cool at night
Its not backfiring its just at WOT runnin all shes got!! It is runnin really good right now! I neeed to pull the plug and see how it looks! I dont think I am gunna have to jet mine but then again I could be wrong??
QUOTE ("aastelly":3q1lthmi)
what we need is a flame thrower kit to keep people off ours asses when riding, it would be pretty cool at night
whenever i had my tractor muffler on my rubicon you could see the fire comming back through the pipe at dark, it wouldnt reach the end of the muffler but it still looked really cool. people would ride behind me with there lights off so they could see it
the spark plug should be a brown chocolate.

my carb float got stuck twice which caused my bike to run real realy rich for a few days, which caused a fouled plug, which meant about 2 hours of trying to clean the carb and put it back in and adjust the a/f screw to make sure it was set right...blah blah blah

what i am trying to say is make sure you do it right the first time. b/c it's a pain to go through all that.
flames through the pipe while just cracking the throttle at wot is a sign of being to lean. I know that sounds backwards but pull you plug after a wide open chop test and it will tell you the same thing. hope this helps
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