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What do you use to keep your plastic looking new?

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what do usually use? i always use armor all ultra shine or tire foam
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When I went to buy my old quad, it was so shiny that was the reason I bought it, and he used diesel fuel to shine it up.
No Touch Tire Wet is the best... It is an aerosol..not a pump. You waste the pump kind. I woud use 1 bottle of the Black Majic Tire wet per bike..cost was $6 a bottle. That is $12 a bike. This No Touch is sold for 4 cans for $12 at Sams club or at BJ's Wholesale. 1 can does 2 bikes top, bottom, and tires. BIG savings.. Look at this pic of a 1 year old 500 Foreman. It is almost distorted because of the coating..This is momma's bike and she is a MUD HOUND more than I am...
No Touch Aresol can...
Honda spray cleaner and polish

works great. I used it on my motorcycle and after you pressure wash the 4-wheeler you can soak it down with this and wipe it down and it shines like new. It is about $6.50 a can down here and one can will last for about 5 cleanings.
I've used floor polish(that was a nightmare to get off,I don't recommend it).Then i used WD-40.That worked really good but left a film,lately I've been using tire foam which seems to be the best.I still use WD-40 on the underside of the plastics and engine,frame,axles.
i use auto magic tire dressing. it is not water based and it actually soaks in the plastic. got 5 gallons of it at a local detail shop about 65 dollars. will last all season long.
I use a good biodegradeable truck wash soap that i feed thru my power washer for a power wash and then i power wash once over without it and it's always clean and shiny...I hate having a slimy atv.My bike looks spotless clean new without the slime.not to mention i get the soap by the 55 gallon drum at work so it's free which is the best kind.a 1 gallon jug usually lasts me 4 to 5 extra long washes.
I use Armor-All for the plastic and WD-40 on the frame,engine,racks everything metal...
I like usuing the armour all wipes, they have the dregreaser wipes and the original armour all wipes, they also have glass cleaner for the winsheild and mirrors.
I am about ready to tell you all that you are all way off! LOL all these armor alls and tire foams work but leave you with a greasy dust attracting mess. I sprayed a small spot on my fender with automotive clear coat in a spray can. it looked very good. After a few days of not seeing any ill effects I sprayed my honda 300 plastic all over with it. It looks wet and shiny all the time. I rode it the next day and the clear coat never did crack from the flexing of the plastic during the ride. So I did my Foreman 400 with it. It looks like brand new- mavbe better than brand new. They have both been on two rides since I sprayed on the clear coat and they both still look awesome! No cracks or anything. And its dry so it does not attract dust, and when I wash it it stays put so I dont have to keep reapplying it. Throw all that other junk in the trash. I don't know why no one has tried this sooner!
Where I ride through the bush alot that clear-coat would be a scratched up mess from 1 ride....
i use liquid wax on mine, makes the yellow shine. just make sure you dont get that stuff on the black panels cause it turns them white. i use armoural on the black panels
I use a product by mothers called back to black, it's made for kinda smells like wax but goes on a excellent shine and isn't as slick as some of the other stuff. Perfect for seats!
well i needed to do my truck up and tought id try the no touch wet tire shine stuff on my very much used and abused 86 350trx , the plastic was to say the least looking very tired , but after i used this it restored the color like new removed scratches (least made em un-noticable
) yes it was greasy but i wiped if off and the shine and color stayed. im pretty much sold on it" No touch tire wet whatever "
who cares about the will be muddy 2 minutes after it leaves the just powerwash it and put it away for another day....
i use SC1 and it works great all you do is spray in on all your plastics and wipe off makes everything look new
baby oil, works wonders and doesnt hurt my butt when i ride bare a$$ which is pretty much never
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