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What do you think of these tires?

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Anyone know anything about the Rawhide Grip tires. Look like they would be a good all around tire, little more on the mud side. I have found them in the size I am wanting, 26x9x12 and 26x11x12 or does anyone know of another tire that has these tire sizes. I am wanting to go to a 26" tall tire and no wider then 11" in the rear and 9" in the front.
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I didn't think that they came in anything but 25's. A friend has some on his popo and they are a pretty good all around tire. Seem to do better than a lot of other stock tires in the mud.
I seen them in and they showed them in a 26'' size, Dennis kirk did not have them in there tire section. Went to Goodyear website and they did not show a 26'' size. I am looking for 26's
but do not want them any wider then 11'' in back and 9'' in the front. Any other tire suggestions would be great.
a friend of mine had them on his popo and he out pulled another guy on a popo with 28in outlaws.
they are a good all around tire. but they do tend to "slide" around on trails though but other than tthat they are a ok tire.
Are they a better trail tire or a better mud tire? They look like they would clean out pretty good, with the large voids between the lugs.
a friend of mine had them on his popo and he out pulled another guy on a popo with 28in outlaws.
I had a set of 26" Ducks Unlimited radials on my Rincon that I really liked a lot. Rode great but aggressive enough to do well in mud. Probably comparible to the MST's without the side lugs.
They came stock on my '02 SP500. They are a decent tire, probably the best tire put on in the factory out of all makes. But in thick mud they slicked over too easily for my tastes The lugs are not staggard across the tire). But in 90% of riding they will do fine.

You might look into MudHooks too. They have a similar pattern but the lug pattern looks like it would be more effective.
Whats a popo? heheheheheheh
Mudhook , looks like a good tire.
they are good tires but a mudbug, 589, mst would out do them in the mud. i had them on my polaris 600
I was going to say the 589's come in the size that you are looking for and are a good all around tire, I don't know anything about those pictured though.
I think 589's would be to heavy to turn with my Foreman. I do like the tread design a lot thou. I am definetly wanting 26x9 up front and 26x10 or really want 26x11 in the back.
I have a 450es and I am pulling 28 inch mudzillas fine. I had 27 inch Mud lites and would recomend them to anyone that wanted a all around tire. I loved them but I am a tire dealer so I try alot of different kinds of tires.
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