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What do you think is the best tire for all around everything

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What do you think is the best tire for all around. Mud, herd pack, trail, thick mud, water, clay, ect... ???
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whats the matter with your 589s?
Nothing I think I just want to see what other people had in mind. I am thinking about buying another honda and was wondering what other people have. My opinion the 589's are one of the best. Everything I have gone through clay, mud, hard pack, trail riding, thick mud, water, ect... the 589's self clean and always have traction. Me and my dad had been towing a trailer through the woods and it has rain a whole lot in eastern NC and the mud has gotten alot worse (wich is no problem for me and the foreman) but we were pulling the trailer and the foreman started to spin till it doug a little deep got traction and pulled the trailer along with some small stumps. I just do alot of research before buying thats all. I want to get my money worth out of a product.
i like my bi/tri claws. they are great in the mud and good on trail and. this past weekend they surpised me. we had to climb a long steep hill and i was a little iffy on climbing it. only a grizz 700 made it up better than me.

if you are happy with your 589's id stay with them. just my thoughts.
Swamp Fox,i have a set on my 350.By far the best all round tire i've had,they run smooth great in mud and snow.Have had them for a year and very lil wear showing.I'll be getting a set of the Swamp Fox XT's for my foreman.
Well I did a lot of research before buying my Bear Claws, and for the little I've gotten to use them I am very happy with them. With that said I cannot imagine you finding a better tire for yourself than the 589's you seem to be happy with already. I've only heard great things about the 589's and if I wasn't also considering money when I made my purchase I probably would have bought them myself. For my 2 cents, get another set of 589's for the new bike and you wont be disappointed.

Good luck with everything
I'm with Cardron on this one, the bear claws are the best all around I've used so far.

I have read a alot about the 589's and the only negative is the weight of the tire.
I will be buying the Zilla's or the Vamps for my next set of all around tires.

Haven't quite decided yet but will probably run 27x12x12 on all four just because of price. Check 'em out.
Hey Eric, Love the Zilla's, Nasty lookin beast of a tire. My 2 cents on the 12x12 all around, I drove a foreman about 5 months ago with 12" all around and the steering was brutal, thats the main reason I wanted 9's on my front and not 10's, most tires I looked at only offered 10's and 12's, the bear claws gave me the option of 9's and I put 12's on back and it steers like a dream. Just my opinion, plus my bike with the 9's on front and the 12's on back the outside width is the same front to back, I'm sure 12's would make the front about 4-6" wider in front at the side knobs.

Dirt Devils are a great all-around tire.Good traction and smooth ride on all surfaces.So far after 700 miles they still look like new.That's 700 miles of gravel roads,some blacktop and hardwood logging roads.I kept the stock size 25x8 fronts and 25x10's rear.I'm using 26" Executioners for the fall hunting and winter months.,The Exec's are rough riding but pull like crazy.I wouldn't recommend Executioners for trail riding.
Glad to hear your steering comment, I was really concerned with this possible problem. I drive a lot of very rough terrain, a lot of moguls. If steering is as bad as you say, handlebars will be giving my thighs some bruises. Since I don't want a poor handling machine I will probably be going with the Zilla's. Front Vamps are so tiny, I don't like the way they look.
My Executioners are 26x10 on front and rear.I've noticed with 10" wide front tires that there is more "bump" steer.The handlebars jerk almost out of your hands sometimes in really rough terrain.
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