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What do you think about these tires?

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Has any seen these tires in action or know anyone that have them on there ATV? They are the Carlisle Traks Max, kind of like the Blackwaters. I am leaning toward them if I go with 25's instead of the 26's Mudlights.
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One of my friends had them on his 300 fourtrax....dont plan on goin through much mud with them. I would stick with the mudlites..just my 2 cents
Honestly, those aren't much better than stock.
Do yourself a favor and go with the 26" Mud Lites.
26 inch Mudlites are a great all around tire.
yea go with the 26" Mudlites, or Get some MST's them are very nice... them tires you were lookin at arent good at all.. maybe for trail riding. but not mud or anything like that. my friend had some on a 300 4x4.. they were horrible.. the stock dunlops on my 500 are better than they are. but anyway, let us know what you get.
Thanks for your input guys. I think I am going to go with the Mudlites. Only thing thou is Robb has got me about half scared talking about burning up 2 1st gears with the bigger tires. J/K Robb, hope everything works out for you.
I run through everything Robb does, except for the repeated water wheelies, and have not had any similar problems.
26 inch Mudlites won't hurt a thing. Go git'm.
Hey Bexxter. I have them on my honda 300 4X4 They work well for me. But I hunt and trailride. The only mudding I do is what I run across on the trail. They self clean well if the mud has some liquid and water in it. But they don't self clean so well in the super duper thick goop. you cna see my pics below.

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Hey Bexxter, what did you get?
I got my tax check cashed today and am about ready to get me some new tires in a few weeks.. I am still undecided on getting 25'' Mudlite's or 26'' Mudlite XT's. Does anyone have any complaints with the XT's like on hard packed or trial riding? The XT's look like they would have too much traction for trails and hard packed, and I am worried about any power loss with going with the 26's. I do plan on getting an HMF and jet kit sometime this year, would that make up for any power loss with going with the 26's? Help point me in the right direction fellow members.
The 25's dont have much grip at all. I would get the 26's. You will be fine with them for your type of riding and no you will not have a noticable power loss with the 26's at all. Hope this helps.
I have the 26 inch Mudlite XT's on mine and i love'em! No rubbing and I didn't notice any power loss either. Here's a pic of them on my Foreman.
Thanks for the pic, do you have the 26x9x12's all the way around or just in front. I am wanting to get 26x9's in front and 26x10's in back.
I have 26x9x12's all the way around, works good for me as i do a lot of trail riding and hunting with my rig.
Go with mudlites!!!!!
Just installed 26" mudlite XTR radial used them this weekend up here in Ontario Canada in snow and slush so fare great tire very smooth and aggressive
I ordered 2 26x9x12 Mudlights for the front today, that is all I had money for today. I will order the back two tires next weekend when I get paid. I will put some pics on in a week or two when I get them mounted and installed.
What size are you gonna order for the rears? You should go a little wider
in the rear. No, no, not your butt, your tires .
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