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what do you think about the 420's

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my cousin just bought one last week It is at my house right now while he is on vacation. I have been riding it around even with 26" 589 it feels a lot faster and pepier than my 500 w/26" mudbugs. I wish they would have had that bike when I bought mine.
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The EFI is hard to beat. For response and acceleration that’s the way of the future.
when he gets back, drag race and it'll be funny how much he beats you by lol.

also the way the motor was built, Fi, all that. if they added a locker/IRS it would have been the best honda yet
It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the f.i. 420 makes more power than a carbureted 500.

I have two friends with stock 420s and they roll!

I also know two guys with TRX450 racing quads. One carbureted, one fuel injected. The carbureted one has a jet kit, a pipe, and all kinds of aftermarket go-fast goodies.

The fuel injected one is bone stock and will absolutely smoke the carbed one. That's how much of a difference f.i. makes.
Yeah, if only I had waited a few
I love my 420! I was very impressed with the power it makes. I beat an 05 Rincon with it not long after I bought it. I'm hoping to have a pipe and a fuel programer on mine by Sept, it should fly then!!!
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