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lets see, these items are split up between two bikes. our trips are no more than a days ride. There's more just can't remember.

tp, a few cloth rags, riding gloves
bug spray, sun tan lotion for the wife.
drinking water
snacks, usually jerky and chips
disposable rain suits, small flash light, bic lighter
jumper cables,air comp.,tire repair kit,duct tape, tie wraps
misc. tools and parts like tie rod ends and spark plugs.
toe ropes on each bike, bungie cords, ratchet strap
snatch block, RTV, die electrical grease,WD-40

all of this is stored in two dry boxes(plastic camo boxes) on the wifes bike and I have one dry box on mine alittle bigger than a camo box.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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