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What do you take?

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What kinds of items do you take along with you on the trail? How do you carry them? Toilet paper? Cameras? Tools? Food? Drink? Winch accesories? GPS?
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Toilet Paper, rain coat, tow strap and a tire repair kit was the first things I took with me on my first away from home 4-wheeler trip. Now I have 3 tow straps, a pulley to double back the winch cable, bungy cords, flash light and a lighter, camera, two pairs of gloves, and other miscelaneous items.
all i bring is a rope and a bunch of friends.
I take way too much to list due to we take our kids with us. I can tell you
this, we take everything but the kitchen sink. Sometimes even that .
That trunk that i bought here a while back sure does come in handy.
Water, tp, rain jacket and pants, binos, spotting scope, food, first aid kit, extra gas, tools, ax, air compressor, tire repair kit, fuses, and my 12 gauge shotgun with 600 gr Brenekke Dangerous Game loads for encounters of the furry kind.
Pretty much what everyone else has listed,And being that
Arizona is an open carry state my 40 cal is always with me

Temps can range greatly from the mid 20's to well over 100°

Not that long ago A buddy and I were riding up along the
Mogollon Rim when we started out it was snowing heavy with
white out conditions and then around 4pm it was 60° !

Four Season Riding all in one State Got to love that !

But You have to be Ready for Anything
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everything you can cram in a seat box and cooler usally gone for hours upon hours but if you ask my wife it's days upon days typical woman hay
I know what you mean by the woman hay. Mine always exagerates time.
She will always say," It's 4 in the mornin' & it will really be like 3:29. Or, it
took me 3 hrs. to do this, when it was more like 2 hrs. & 5 min.
lets see, these items are split up between two bikes. our trips are no more than a days ride. There's more just can't remember.

tp, a few cloth rags, riding gloves
bug spray, sun tan lotion for the wife.
drinking water
snacks, usually jerky and chips
disposable rain suits, small flash light, bic lighter
jumper cables,air comp.,tire repair kit,duct tape, tie wraps
misc. tools and parts like tie rod ends and spark plugs.
toe ropes on each bike, bungie cords, ratchet strap
snatch block, RTV, die electrical grease,WD-40

all of this is stored in two dry boxes(plastic camo boxes) on the wifes bike and I have one dry box on mine alittle bigger than a camo box.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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