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What do you load onto your foreman for a long ride?

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Okay folks, what do you take with you when you go on a long ride?

Me personally, on a long ride, I have a bag that goes around the back rack i pack that sucker plum full of all kinds of goodies.

extra tools, air compressor, tire repair kit, duct tape, plastic tie wraps, and all sorts of misc. shtuff.

what do you people carry along with ya?
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radio, ipod, a cooler with the good stuff, and the ol lady but im trying the teach her to drive my dads foreman
well, i take lots of drinks, tools, air compressor, tire repair, tie wraps, radio, mp3 player, water (you never know), flash light, small 1st aid kit, and the most important is a hot chick who likes it dirty! (the ridding that is.....)
I typically try to carry the following on a long trip. Tire repair kit, can of slime, air compressor, Set of 3/8 and 1/4 metric sockets and rachets w/ extentions, tow strap, leatherman multi-tool, small first aid kit, smokes, lighters, flask, shorts/swimming trunks, a towel and a wash cloth.

the whole house!?
****, i hope you have after market springs...

I bought one of those canvas type bags to go on the back rack. The more stuff I put in there the more I seem to have to put more stuff!

I can fit, tents, sleeping bag, air mattress, pump, lanterns and all the other goodies in there and still have room for an ice chest...
no not everytime, but there is areas where we go's 3 hours ride in and 3 hours ride out...if you take in account all the breaks and rest;s easier to just pitch a tent and build a fire for the night...ride around there for a while in the morning and head back.

really nice out there, there is a canal about 200 ft wide and only about 4 ft deep max.

gives us something to play in...
that sounds pretty sweet. where is this place? is it a place for the public? if so how much?

it is near where i live...

charenton, la

free to all to enjoy...lots of BIG mud holes that i am scared to attack...
Nice website crash.. cool stuff
we some times do 100 + mi rides I bring extra gas i have a fuel cell
hondas do not have good crusing range with the fuel cell i am good
for about 130 mi i bring lunch tools tape tire repair kit tow strap
GPS and my camera
thats cool

thanks clay!

100+ mile rides!! what!?

that is crzy... here we go on trails that make big circles or connect one city to the next...
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