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what do yall think of the new visions

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i wanted to see if yall liked these new visions. i haven't seen them on a four wheeler yet. did anyone else?
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i havent seen them on any atv but i'm as soon as i save up the money gonna put em on the 500
Dang, those are nice.
those are nice get em
Yes they are nice, but Vision's are one of the heaviest wheels on the market. My rear 8" 161's weight 14 lbs and the front about 10-12 lbs compaired to ITP's 7" rims only being 8 lbs.
They look okay, but I like the MotoSport wheels better. And its not just because I have them either I just personally think they look the best. I also like the High Lifter xl2 wheels.
i saw those vision wheels on a brute force at Mud Nats. they looked a lot better with tires on them. i personaly wouldnt buy them i like the new HL wheels. i will be buying them in the near future.
if you got the money get 'em
they're to heavy and i don't want to spend any more money on my fourwheeler, unless i have to.
i sold a fews sets of them already but as of now their on backorder for at least 6 weeks and Vision wheels are heavier than ITP but those 159"s arent that heavy their a little lighter than the 161's
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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