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what do u use to water proof your electric connections

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Just wondering ive been riding my 86fourtrx prety much in anything anywhere mud water a few sub missions and a few rafting times not once have i ever had any probs with water getting in where it didnt belong
but sionce getting a 99 foreman450es ive had some issues with water messing around with a few things. i was thining some good grease and maybe even some bathroom mono chaulking to water proof some connections and what ever... What do you use or have you had any probs?
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I use die-electrical grease on all electrical connections, spark plug boot and a lite bead of RTV on the air box lid. It would also be a good ideal to remove your pull rope assem. and seal it up. There is a write up in the how to section for this. Depending on how deep you play will also depend on what else needs to be done.
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