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what do u think about maxxis mudbugs

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i just got mudbugs and want to know wath u guys think about them
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A couple folks on here have them. Pretty good all around tire if you tend to get in the mud a lot.
I like mine so far, no complaints. We need to rally, and have them make a 29.5 for us
I think 29.5 x 10 mudbugs would be sweet, it would have a good pattern for mud, but not so aggressive that they would be as hard as outlaws to turn and yet you would still get the gc. I think I would buy them instead of the outlaws.
maybe we should do one of those online petition things and forward it to Maxxis - wonder what they would say?
If they are not already thinking, I bet they would consider it if they got enough inquiries. Just tell me where to sign.
mud bugs are great even better if they came in 29.5
The Mudbugs are a great all around tire,especially the 26 size.That size has the largest lug width and lengh,and is the most open for cleaning out mud.They redesigned the 27 and 28 recently,the tread is skinnier,lugs are shorter and not any cleaning capabilities.I had the 26 recently and loved them,I wanted to go to 28 and when I saw them I instantly knew something was different.Put them on and tried them out,the were always caked with mud and never cleaned out,I went through more stuff with the 26 Mudbugs.I emailed Maxxis and they told me they cut the lugs down for weight issues and a smoother ride.I had to learn the hard way,so I sold them after 1 weekend and bought the 28 Mudzilla's.This is a pure H.D mud only tire though,exactly what I needed.Now I need the big bore kit and cam to help my 450 turn them a little better.The best tire I have had yet(Mudzilla's).A little info I thought you should know if thinking about getting 27 or 28 Mudbug's,they still are a great tire though for the$$$$....
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How are the Mudzillas for riding the trails, decent ride?
They actually smooth out pretty decent. Not like glass, but better than Laws and pretty good for a pure mud tire.
On hard pack they ride rough untill 5 mph.They make you feel it the next day after riding,due to the weight and having in 4x4.I can tell you they do ride smoother than Outlaws in every situation.The Outlaws ride bad due to no centerline tread in the center of the tire,the Mudzilla's,Mudbug's,Tri/Bi Claws all have a tread that wraps down to the center of the tread.That's what makes them ride smoother on trails and hardpack.The tires all above ride nowhere as good as the Mudbugs you have,on trails soft or hard.You know you have a mud only tire,the bike works harder especially in soft sugar sand(RiverRanch).
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