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What do I use to adjust air/fuel screw?!! NEED HELP!!

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i have to adjust the air fuel screw but i don't have anything that will turn the screw b/c it is shaped like a " D " !!

anyone have any ideas? i need to get this done so i can put this mess back together.

i am so aggrivated with this...

anyone wanna just buy my bike the way it is??
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I worked mine out with a pair of small needle nose pliers then sawed a groove in it with a fine hacksaw blade.Now I can adjust it with a flat blade screwdriver.
got it

i finally got fed up with trying to turn the thing....i pulled out the dremel tool and found the smallest bit i had and sliced a tiny little slot in it so i can use a screwdriver...

i am not sure if i adjusted it right though...

i did the 2.5 turns out...took it for a lap around the yard...had some black smoke coming out the back a few times. and it sputtered once or twice but that was it...what do i have to do to maximize the power? don't i have to turn it up or something until it pops?

not sure...
Mine is 3 turns out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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