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What do I need to take?

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What kind of things do you guys take with you on a trail ride? I'm going on my first 2 dayer and am wondering what I will need. Gas cans etc. Thanks for any help
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Gee thanks guys! lol
It all depends... where will you sleep etc? gas, food, tire plug kit, air pump, first aid kit, rope, tow straps, clothes, TP, drinks, spark plug, tool kit (not the factory junk some real tools) bungee cords, ratchet straps, snatch block, lighter / matches, etc., etc..... basicaly whatever you think youll need, but be prepared for the unexpected.
like stated above ^^

Take you a nice tool kit. Spark plug, Ratchet strap, bungy cords, tow straps, tire plugs, small air compressor (the kind that work in cig lighters), cloths if you think you will need them, TP, drinks, hand wipes, oil, gas, phone, etc..
You get the idea. main things being tools and straps. Dont want a breakdown way far away and no way back. A ratchet strap is good to put a lost bead back on the wheel if you roll it off.

Just depends on the situation
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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