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I have 450ES calls for hypoid SAE #80 gear oil. Was wondering if SAE 80 w 90 would be ok. What do you guys all use?
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I use Mobil 1 SAE 90 synthetic. No problems.
I have been using Valvoline 80w-90 with no problems. I will also use Castrol Hypoi C gear oil when I can find it.
And add another to Valvoline 80w-90.. The large jug is enough for several front and rear differential flushes..
I use original honda diff oil the dealer told me it is the best oil to use in canada because of our weather. I don't know if he was BS me, but a couple of shops told me the same.As long as you don't have a locker then you need the additive.Where in Canada are you from?
Valvoline 80w-90 here also.
here as well...i believe if you read the bottle it says you can safely use this in hypoid applications..i will get my bottle out later and read it to be sure....
Ontario ....K-W area....Hummm....What additive are you talking about....I find i get a clicking sound in the front diff when i turn and someone told me it was normal, that it was just the clutches and that but putting this additive in it you can make it dissappear....
I cannot remember what it is called. I don't know if you can use that if you don't have a locker.I'll find out and keep you posted. Does anyone know?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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