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What color should your exhaust pipe be?

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I was just out looking at my exhaust pipe yesterday and the very back of it is like a purple looking color. Is this normal? it's just at the very back of the pipe maybe 1 or 2 inches worth. I just want to make sure i'm not running to lean. The quad is almost new with no mods done to it.
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Is this a normal color? The bike doesn't back fire or anything. It runs really well.
Mine is purple in a few spots. Just look past the red dirt
Mine is a week old and it did the same thing it smoked like heck the 1st day. Just put a little mud on it and it will be fine
you should be fine, where the ring of purple is, that is where there is like a plate is in the muffler, im not sure what the other purple is but i think you are fine.
Mine looks just like that. I take it thats normal? Thanks for the pics
mine looks just like that one also i never have worried about it

Mine turned brown from the mud
Dont worry about that,when me and my dad got ours,they did the same thing.As you ride,itll wear off.
my dad had a problem with the mud burning onto the pipe and turned it a dark brown color...SOO.... we sanded off the mud and roughed up the exhaust and then rode the bike a while around the yard...left it running and sprayed the exhaust with two coats of paint that is made for BBQ grills...the paint won't stick to something unless it is at a certain temp. it was very hot when we painted it...

his entire exhaust is now black and it looks really good, i may paint my HMF black b/c i like it so much...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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