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what brand kit??

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03, Rubicon, Want to make a little more power. What BRAND Jet Kit do you recommend? (should I go with stock OEM Honda) or others??
thanks in advance
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a jet kit alone isnt going to do anything unless you add a pipe or something els leave the jetting as it is
like justin said, a jet kit isnt going to do anything with out a pipe. to answer your question, i have always used dynojet and i have always been hapy with them but you could use oem jets too.
Yeah they're right. Purpose of a jet kit is to fine tune your machine. You will get better starting and throttle response from a jet kit, but will not increase your power. All the kits out there are just rebadged DynoJet. I have been frustrated many times trying to get adjustments right. Seems like DJ is always rich. If you like to tinker and understand the workings of the carb then go for it. If you like to tinker and want to learn than go for it. If you want to just install kit according to instructions and expect machine to be spot on.................. than forget it.
yes most of the time jetting is no fun, you have to know what you are doing or you will get verry mad because you cant get it right. i have helped alot of people with there carbs and jetting and after alot of tuning i always got it running good. if you dont really know what you are doing i would try to get a friend or someone to help you out on this. jetting is easy but the tuning is the hard part.
Are Hondas harder to get right, because i jetted my Kawasaki Mojave and didn't have a lick of trouble.
I should have added this also that I am probably going to be installing a tractor pipe at the same time. I have heard that DynoJet isnt very accurate in their sizing. I thought maybe there were better brand jets or that Honda OEM jets were the best route.
thanks for the info
i have also heard that dynojet sizes are not accurate but that dosent reallt matter because it sont really matter what size the jet is as long as the 4wheeler runs good.
very true, but i would like to start out as close to stock as possible so I know where to go from there.
This could stop a long day of rich/lean (tuning) headaches
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